Author(s) : Gerard Meijer, Michiel Pertijs and Kofi Makinwa
Publisher : Wiley
Date       : 2014
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 296
ISBN10    : 0470686006

Uses a multidisciplinary approach to review recent developments in the field of smart sensor systems, providing complete coverage of all important system and design aspects, their building blocks and methods of signal processing. The book systematically deals with topics over the whole range of sensor technology: from the theory and constraints of basic elements, the applied techniques and electronic, up to the level of application–orientated issues. It firstly looks at designing smart sensors and smart sensor systems, with measurement techniques at system level, such as collaboration and trimming, and impedance–measurement techniques.

Sensing elements and sensor systems for the measurement of mechanical quantities, and micro arrays for DNA detection are discussed in the opening chapters. Circuit design for sensor systems, such as the design of low–noise amplifiers, is covered in Chapter 6, and measurement techniques at device level, such as dynamic offset cancellation, are covered in Chapter 7. Optical imagers are examined in the next chapter. Lastly, the book takes a look at implantable smart sensors for bio–medical applications, then automotive sensors.