Author(s) : Mohamed E. El-Hawary
Publisher : IEEE Press
Date       : 1998
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 376
ISBN10    : 0780311973

Electrical Engineering Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems Let world-renowned electrical engineers introduce you to the latest developments in the application of one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence techniques for power systems—fuzzy system theory. Compiled and edited by well-known power systems educator Mohamed E. El-Hawary, Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems assembles a distinguished panel of highly regarded experts to bring you original, up-to-date coverage of the applications of fuzzy systems. This volume presents theoretical background material from a practical point of view and then explores a number of applications of fuzzy systems. Each chapter features an informative introduction. Look for succinct, practical discussions on:
* Fuzzy sets
* Fuzzy controllers
* Fuzzy perspectives on power system reliability, condition monitoring, and diagnostics
* Ground-breaking chapter on applications in operational planning
* Up-to-the-minute chapter on fuzzy applications in deregulated environment

Electric Power Applications of Fuzzy Systems will help you understand how the application of fuzzy theory in power systems is revolutionizing the way we look at many areas of practice. It is essential for power system engineers who want to launch into real-world applications of this increasingly popular technique.