Author(s) : Bruce L. McCartney
Publisher : ASCE
Date        : 2005
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 272
ISBN10    : 0784407703

Ship Channel Design and Operation provides an overview of the design process and operation of deep-draft navigation projects. Ship channels are the connecting link between the ocean shipping lanes and coastal or inland deep water ports. The reliability of ship channels is important to commercial navigation as well as to our national defense interests for rapid deployment of Navy, Army, and Coast Guard vessels.

This manual is intended as a design guide for practicing engineers and a reference for government agencies involved with the design and operation of deep draft navigation systems. This current volume is revised and expanded from Manual of Practice 80: Report on Ship Channel Design.

Topics Include:
Design philosophy
Vessel characteristics
Hydraulic and weather conditions
Channel dimensions
Environmental sustainability
Dredging and disposal
Model studies
Coast Guard activities
NOAA activities
Operations and maintenance
Lessons learned! and Case histories..