Author(s) : Allan J. Organ
Publisher : Wiley
Date       : 2014
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 294
ISBN10    : 1118818431

Some 200 years after the original invention, internal design of a Stirling engine has come to be considered a specialist task, calling for extensive experience and for access to sophisticated computer modelling. The low parts-count of the type is negated by the complexity of the gas processes by which heat is converted to work.

Key features:
• Expectations are re-set to realistic goals.
• The formulation throughout highlights what the thermodynamic processes of different engines have in common rather than what distinguishes them.
• Design by scaling is extended, corroborated, reduced to the use of charts and fully Illustrated.
• Results of extensive computer modelling are condensed down to high-resolution Nomograms.
• Worked examples feature throughout.

Prime movers (and coolers) operating on the Stirling cycle are of increasing interest to industry, the military (stealth submarines) and space agencies. Stirling Cycle Engines fills a gap in the technical literature and is a comprehensive manual for researchers and practitioners. In particular, it will support effort world-wide to exploit potential for such applications as small-scale CHP (combined heat and power), solar energy conversion and utilization of low-grade heat.